Selby growers

Halema wants to grow coriander and black mustard seed for the seed library from seeds she saved herself.


Anwara wants to grow runner beans and long beans for the seed library. The runner beans came from Sue, and the long beans came from Lutfun at Spitalfields City Farm. “Gardening changed my life.”


Sayada is going to grow coriander, mustard and runner beans for the seed library.



Fatema is going to grow two types of chilies for the seed library, from seeds she saved herself last year.


Wapping Women’s Centre

Last Wednesday I went to a gardening session at the Women’s Wapping Centre, where we shared out some precious seeds from Lutfun from Spitalfields City Farm. Some of the ladies showed me their garden plots. We’re going to document their growing as a group, and hopefully collect some seeds and stories from them for the seed library.

Siham from the Women’s Environmental Network explained a bit about companion planting and helped to distribute the seeds, which were valued like gold dust.


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