Seed swap, lunch and talks for International Women’s Day

We are talking part in the International Women’s Day celebrations at Spitalfields City Farm on Tuesday the 8th of March from 12:00 – 14:00.

We will also be holding a seed swap as part of this event.

Lunch and refreshments are included, as well as a line-up of interesting speakers. Our very own Sara Heitlinger will be among them!

Please join us, come and take some seeds, and bring some seeds to share.

Address: Buxton St, London E1 5AR

New partner

Exciting news is that we have now partnered with the Women’s Environmental Network, who coordinates the Tower Hamlets Food Growing Network. We will be merging the Tower Hamlets Community Seed Library with our seed library at Spitalfields Farm.

“The Women’s Environmental Network is working to tackle the most important issues of our time- climate change, pollution and destruction of the environment. We aim to increase access to healthy, sustainably sourced food, and reduce the risk of harmful chemicals to human health. We are unique in our approach, putting the links between gender equality and environmental sustainability at the heart of our work and campaigns. We believe that progress requires local action coupled with change at national and international levels, and the variety of our campaigns reflects this.”

Seeking seed ambassadors

Do you grow your own food from seed?

Do you save seeds from the food you grow?

Richmond Seed Library

We are looking for Seed Ambassadors to help set up a seed library at Spitalfields City Farm.

The seed library will be unique in that it will allow for members to learn – through interactive technologies about the people who donated the seeds, and the conditions under which they were grown.

We are looking for Seed Ambassador who can document their experiences of a full growing cycle from seed to seed for one or two crops – and donate these stories and seeds to the library.

To find out more information, please contact Sara on:


(Image credit: Richmond seed library)

Seed library workshop with Heritage Seed Library

This Thursday, the 19th of November, we are have a seed saving and storing workshop, and learning how to set up a seed library at Spitalfields City Farm. Anton Rosenfeld from the Heritage Seed Library at Garden Organic will be running the workshop and sharing his knowledge. The workshop takes place from 13:00 – 15:30 with vegetarian lunch from 12:30. Please let us know if you can come! You can contact Sara on or phone on 07800736525.seeds

Connected Seeds Workshops

Do you save your own seeds?

Could you help us set up a community seed-bank at Spitalfields City Farm?

We are looking for participants to take part in 4 workshops in which we will explore practices of seed-saving, storing and sharing – and how technology could help support these practices.

The ultimate aim is to establish a community seed bank at Spitalfields Farm that will allow for the sharing of seeds as well as the stories and growing conditions that created them.

Workshop dates: November 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th

Time: 12:30 – 15:00 (Vegetarian lunch included)

Location: Spitalfields City Farm, Buxton Street, London, E1 5AR

For inquiries please contact Sara:  07800736525  or email :

These workshops are part of a research project in partnership with Spitalfields City Farm and Garden Organic, looking at how digital technology can support sustainable food-growing in the city.